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Home | Friday 14th March 2008 | Issue 624

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US drivers are starting to learn what it’s like living here in the surveillance capital of the World (at least 1 CCTV camera per 14 Brits and proud!)

New speed cameras installed in Montgomery County, Maryland, are proving unpopular with some sectors of the local community. Their repeated refusals to pay fines, and more recent habits of driving past cameras with middle finger extended has provoked an angry response from local cop chiefs – because it seems the highway hooligans are in fact, er, all cops.

After their union alerted them to the fact that the ticket is issued to the owner of the vehicle, not the driver, officers have been keeping the pedal to the metal and flouting their own laws. Of the 224 tickets, issued to police officers in the last eight months of 2007 and not excused by responding to an emergency, over two thirds have not been paid.

One outraged county councillor even naively thundered, “You can’t have one set of laws for police officers and another one for the rest of the world!” - come now, we all know that’s not exactly true...


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