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In the big race for White House, the Democrats supports more troops (and more killing) in Afghanistan, and more drilling for Big Oil, with man-of-change Obama choosing the old Bill Clinton team of advisers for foreign policy and economic issues.

But if you really want apocalyptic change, then Republican Senator John McCain is yer man. Now in his 70s, he earned his war hero credentials by bombing Vietnamese villages from 30,000 feet before crashing and spending the next six years as a prisoner of the Vietnamese.

Touting himself as a foreign policy specialist, he rivals Bush for ignorance. Back in July he talked about the hard struggle the US faced on the ‘Iraq-Pakistan border’. Um, just one problem John - Iraq and Pakistan don’t have a border - there’s this country in between called Iran. An honest mistake maybe, or did he let something slip? After all, his advisers are the same psychotic neo-cons that only a few years back were talking of ‘redrawing the map’ of the Middle East. Solid men like Randy Scheunemann, who has resurfaced as McCain’s chief foreign policy advisor. He’s a member of the Neo-con cabal ‘Project For a New American Century’ (SchNEWS 387) as well as the ultra hawkish Committee For The Liberation of Iraq (the group that supplied most of the lies / propaganda in favour of the invasion in the first place).

And if McCain is not enough to win the Bush fanclub vote, he’s gone Dubya or nothing with his choice of running mate Sarah Palin, Alaska’s environmental Antichrist. Her hobbies include killing bears and other endangered species, and promotes the no holds barred drilling of Alaska for oil. She’s loved by the US far-right for her Christian fundamentalist beliefs - hardline anti-abortion even in cases of rape and incest, or her own 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy for that matter. She’s up for Vice despite corruption allegations flying about and the U-turn to Washington from her previous role in the Alaskan Independence Party in the early 90s. Maybe Team Obama is looking like the least rotten of two bad apples after all...

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