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For being in the USA...

Further to last week's SchNEWS report on the police overkill against protesters at the US Republication National Congress (SchNEWS 645) ... it's not only Americans who suffered.

In a clear example of that 'special relationship', Uncle Sam is just as willing serve up some of it's famed (in)justice to Brits too. Dave Mahoney, one of the many who had peacefully protested outside the RNC, was cycling with his girlfriend to get some groceries when swooped on by an FBI van and dragged off by two goons. Dave now faces ridiculous evidence-lite charges of Assault and 'Conspiracy to Riot with a Furtherance of Terrorism' which carry a possible 12 year jail sentence and a $24,000 fine.

Dave's friends in the UK have rallied round to form a campaign group to support him. With his family already having had to conjure up $25,000 bail, supporters are urgently requesting financial aid and other help in the fight against these charges.

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