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The Hunting (i.e. Sabbing) season has begun again. The EastEnders-watching majority may think it was outlawed in 2005 under the Hunting Act, but hunts have of course carried on regardless, killing foxes and digging out badger sets (see SchNEWS 623).

While the police turn a blind eye to the illegal animal cruelty (or are even involved in the hunt see SchNEWS 640), they continue to nick Sabs for Aggravated Trespass, nabbing their equipment to boot.

As one South Downs Sab told SchNEWS: Yes, the stereotypes are real every weekend Sabs roam the countryside to stop bloodthirsty toffs in their murderous game. But Sab groups are always skint so any cash would be appreciated. Or even better, get involved in Sabbing.

Send yer cash/cheques to South Downs Anti-Blood Sports, c/o Cowley Club, 12 London Rd, Brighton, BN1 4JA

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