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Last Saturday (6th) saw the Carnival Against Vivisection at Ledbury, Herefordshire. The primary focus was Sequani, a medical research company with a vivisection lab, in Ledbury, Herefordshire – and it was a day of action about both animal cruelty, and the oppresive SOCPA laws which target animal rights protesters, such as the recently imprisoned Sean Kirtley.

Around 200 protesters were at the carnival – the first of its kind - and with the green dress code was seemingly inspired by Smash EDO's all-red Carnival Against The Arms Trade in Brighton June 4th (see SchNEWS 634). From the meeting point near the lab, the protesters had the choice of marching into town – which had police permission – or go the other way towards Sequani. Some attempted to, but were outnumbered and met by a line of coppers, which saw five arrests after the ensuing argybargy. The police surveillance FIT Team were there filming, being thwarted by their nemesis, FIT Watch (see SchNEWS 639).

Prior to the demo, the local Ledbury Fox Hunt was inconvenienced by local Sabs. As well as this, the Cargill/Sun Valley chicken abattoir (who supply McDonald's) was disrupted and the Bobby Roberts Circus – still using exotic animals - which was about to set up on the local racecourse had their posters vandalised.

Anti-Sequani campaigners have been heavily suppressed by the police, starting in May 2006 with the arrest of thirteen under Sections 145 and 146 of SOCPA – laws specifically introduced to protect ‘animal research’ facilities. After an eighteen week trial, Sean Kirtley got a four and a half year sentence for conspiracy to interfere with Sequani's er 'lawful' business, when all he did was run the campaign's web site (See SchNEWS 634).


* If you saw any of the arrests contact NETCU Watch see

** Fit Watch -

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