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Two weeks ago a German anti-fascist group called Daten Antifa hacked into the encrypted online forum of one of the world's largest neo-nazi groups, Blood & Honour. After cracking the access codes for the site, 800MB of data was downloaded, including the IP addresses of 31948 registered forum users and information on up to 1,200 German neo-nazis. The data has been published on the web.

Daten-Antifa claim that the hack was the result of a “laboriously prepared cloak-and-dagger operation” which involved a “house search”.

Blood & Honour started in 1987 in Britain by Ian Stuart Donaldson, leader of the notorious skinhead band Skrewdriver. It has been banned in Germany since 2000, and the Spanish division was closed in 2005 after the arrest of many of its main leaders.

But in the biggest cop-out ever, the police won't be using the data for evidence because it was acquired illegally!

To download the data yourself, see

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