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When is a robbery not a robbery but a mere redistribution of wealth? This is the question being tested in a wave of supermarket hold ups in Greece.

With food prices soaring, Greek anarchists have decided do something about the problem by becoming modern day Robbin' Hoodies.

The latest in a string of raids came last Thursday (4th) when around 20 unarmed people carried out the midday robbery of a supermarket in the northern city of Thesaaloniki.

The typical modus operates features black-hooded figures bursting in with ambush tactics to take everyone off guard, asking staff to remain calm while proceeding to strip shelves. But the twist is they only take packets of pasta, rice and cartons of milk - which are all later left in the surrounding streets to provide a free (if Spartan) meal for some of the local needy. No money is taken and nobody has been hurt, leaving Police somewhat bemused.

The uber-macho police obviously can't understand the thinking of this off-their-trolley but sensible lot... which is less surprising when you consider that the majority of these raiders of the last aisle are in fact women.

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