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With the tsunami of mainstream optimism sweeping Americaland after B.Ob’s election victory, the smell of hope in the air is palpable. To get in before the inevitable crushing wave of disappointment that will probably swiftly follow, alternative journo types have co-ordinated a massive spoof of the New York Times, delivering over a million copies of a fake edition in cities all over the US.

Taking it’s lead from the spoof ‘good’ news Google front page viral email that went around earlier in the year, this NYT edition is dated 4th of July 2009 and is full of celebratory headlines for events as unlikely as the end of the Iraq occupation, a maximum wage cap for corporate CEOs and the abolition of political lobbying.

Maybe a new American dream is making itself known and more people might imagine another world is really possible. But it may take more than pinning all hope on a new leader who, despite being a homeboy from the hood ready to tear up the establishment for the underclass, still managed to climb the oily pole of US politics and get over half a billion dollars in campaign support from the corporate elite class, with the expected return of kissing ass.

Fair play for attracting volunteers to spread a million copies of the mind-messin’ media around though - struggles to find one person to distro Brighton with our radical rag once a week. Maybe we should cheer up our headlines.

Displaying the legendary lack of irony cherished of our American cousins, in response to the spoof paper the real New York Times would only say, “We are looking into it.”

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Added on 23rd November 2008 at 02:14 by Alison

If anything "homeboy from Harvard" would be appropriate. But I don't really like the use of "homeboy" either outside of old Fresh Prince episodes.

Added on 23rd November 2008 at 02:12 by James

Homeboy from the hood? Is Schnews planning to be any less racist than The Sun over the next 4 years?


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