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March for England brought a variety of anti-social factions together in Brighton city centre last Sunday (25th). Over 100 officers from 3 counties including mounted police got called in to deal with the 150 nationalistic flag wavers and the 150 counter protesters that assembled.

March for England group had sent ripples across the internet as they announced plans for a get together on St. George’s day to celebrate their national identity. The UAF (United Against Fascism) caught wind of this and screamed that people must “STOP THE RACIST EDL IN BRIGHTON”. Controversy arose as to how factual this claim was, with some wondering whether the English Defence League, which have certain connections with MfE, would have shown face at all if the UAF hadn’t announced their arrival in the first place. Hmm.

The cluster of flags and football shirts was encircled by the police to keep rivals apart as they marched through town from the station. Outside the King&Queen pub the UAF held a noisy counter-demo, contained by a crowd pen. The parade’s finishing line was clearly separated for each to avoid clashes, as the two sides chanted, sang sweet melodies and yelled insults at each other. Local anarchists and anti fascists were also in attendance, keeping an eye on unfolding events and scouting the area after the crowds dispersed on the look out for the fascist element of the march. It seems the fanatical patriots for the most drank, grumbled amongst themselves and dispersed. Overall there was no blatant fascist presence achieved throughout the day.

Nine arrests were made in an attempt to uphold the law, one in a minority report style where a Brighton resident got carted off to the cells as he merely approached the starting point of the march.

Meanwhile the actual EDL are mobilising for a rally in Aylesbury this Saturday May 1st.

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Added on 10th September 2010 at 02:55 by Kaze no Kae

That's the story John. Now can you quote a non-racist EDL chant?

Added on 1st May 2010 at 19:46 by John the Baptist

The EDL are not fascists, nor racist and most deifinately not Nazis. They simply do not want radical Islam taking over Great Britain. The EDL are not against everyday muslims nor any other ethnic minorities that lead their lives without calling for the destruction of British Society, Democracy, Lives and Values.

They are not demanding for Muslims to return to their native countries. In addition the EDL has no affiliation with the BNP, with both sides actively disassociating themselves from each other.


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