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Parasitical corporate cripple-kicking scum Atos (see SchNEWS 767) don’t like any criticism - this week they’ve censored the website of Carerwatch - a small charity catering to the needs of sick and disabled people and their unpaid family carers. Atos didn’t even bother threatening the charity, they just went directly to the server host  and demanded that they shut down the site’s forum, in one fell swoop severing a lifeline for vulnerable people. They won’t even disclose which posts they deem libellous or legally actionable.

The Carewatch forum had been used by its members to share stories and vent about their mistreatment at the hands of the Atos-run assessments, where vulnerable people are regularly chopped off from their only means of support after a curt meeting and some box ticking.  

In a letter written by Carerwatch in protest: “We have many members who are very fragile and the sudden disappearance of a support group has caused a lot of distress and fear. Some are ringing us in tears. We cannot get in contact with all of them though as we have lost their contact details through the closure. “

This is the third website run by disabled activists to have been forced offline after heavy legal threats from Atos, without the company ever having to have their supposed evidence tested in court (or held up to ridicule more like). Some of the things the sensitive company has found unbearble in the past include subverted logos, the website name ‘AtosRegisterofShame’ and the phrase ‘Atos Kills’.

The only thing to do with a bully is overwhelm them with sheer numbers. The company has gone through an extensive – and no doubt expensive – corporate rebranding; online activists have been responding by suggesting a more honest corporate identity (see

Republish ‘em or come up with your own, in solidarity with the websites already closed and the communties that need their voice and a point of contact. It is vital that every time Atos, or anyone else try to silence us (we’re looking at you, the Mr. Men! ) we just shout louder...

* Atos logo competition:

** SchOCIAL NETWORK TIPS: Tweet away to #atos #atoskills #atosblog or visit Atos’ new space at - comments don’t stay up long, but there is a list of alternative Atos facebook pages to join on the left (is it the far left though?). There is also a Facebook-led call out for a National Day of Action against Atos Origin on 30th September. Search and you shall find.


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