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WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!! No more fash by the sea
The free weekly direct action newsheet published in Brighton since 1994 - Copyleft - Information for Action
....the last word from SchNEWS.

It's been twenty years give or take, from humble beginnings in a now legendary squatted Court House to humbler endings in a ramshackle office out the back of an anarchist social centre. The SchNEWS back catalogue is a history of two decades worth of party and protest, from Reclaim the Streets to Reclaim the Power, from anti-globalisation to anti-fracking, from Bogota to Balcombe (via Newbury).

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So long........ and thanks for all the Fash

Will the March for England finally walk away from the City by the Sea?

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As tensions escalate between migrants and the authorities in Calais, the right-wing mayor Natasha Bouchart has made some surprising announcements: demanding a new reception centre for 400 vulnerable people and a day centre for migrants from central government. What's that all about?

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Guilty until proven guilty

The use of 'secret dossiers' to detain Palestinians indefinitely and without charge - the struggle continues as the latest victims are kidnapped and imprisoned. 

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Taken for a Ride
GBH as a hunting tradition

Whilst Dorset hunt sabs were gathered on a public road to document the unlawful activities of the hunt, an angered rider rode his horse at speed into a hunt saboteur – knocking her from her feet and trampling over her with his horse, before riding off laughing.

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Dutch far-righters take a leaf out of the EDL book.

Pro Patria (For Fatherland), a new far-right group with seasoned members, raise their ugly head in the Netherlands with a demonstration announced for the 20th September in the Hague.

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Barge Poll
Queen wants even more.

Make way for her Royal Majesty! Not content with being the richest landowner in the UK, having a massive jewelled hat and being allowed to eat swan she’s also casting her covetous eye on a slice of prime riverbank wildlife habitat just for somewhere to keep her boat.

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Infrastructure Bill is amended to push fracking agenda

Earlier in the summer, SchNEWS broke the story of the infamous Infrastructure Bill. The new law, still winding its way through parliament, will allow for any public land to be 'transferred' via a Government body to private developers.The Infrastructure Bill is still very much happening, and it's got even uglier. We're talking compulsory fracking uglier.

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So the landowner came, saw the numbers of protecters, the lock-ons, the bike-powered smoothie makers and the music, and returned home after refusing to talk to either the protesters or the press. But it isn't over – bailiffs could return at any time. Email GH your phone number if you want to be part of the phone tree or join the mailing list on the website:…

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The officer who shot dead Azelle Rodney in 2005 is finally charged with murder.

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Antifa 972
Israeli Peace Movement under attack from violent fascists

“We suspect that the shift of the Israei public to the right and the birth of these fascist gangs is not spontaneous, but is a result of decades of incitement by the government. This incitement escalated quickly, and now Israeli Jews who criticize their government are attacked as well. This violence is also supported by the police. I can’t say right now what is going on and where we are headed to, but things aren’t pretty here.” David - Israeli activist

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Activists face crackdown under Serious Organised Crime and Police Act.

Being raided, arrested, dragged through the legal system and having my property taken from me (including my photo album because it had a "hunt sabs" sticker on it and my notebook for my uni degree in criminology) just for campaigning seems over the top and has been pretty stressful. But it's not going to stop me from fighting for what I believe in and against what I disagree with. This isn't for ego, nor for fame, it's for the exploited and the vulnerable.SOCPA 7 defendant - Emma

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Anti-fascists prepare a warm welcome for EDL splinter groups in Cricklewood, North London, this Saturday ...

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Industrial Revolution
Squatters Recycle a Recycling Plant in Calais

Mass squatting action in metal recycling plant pulled off in style, after brutal policing leaves hundreds of undocumented people without shelter.

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Israeli arms dealers do business at Farnborough Airshow even as the bombs drop on Gaza.


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Harmondsworth demo

Immigration rights activists descend on Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centres to bring a message of solidarity and resistance.

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Grapes of Rathlin
Frack Attack in East Yorkshire

Convoys of trucks carrying equipment descended on West Newton yesterday, as Rathlin Energy commence their exploratory fracking drilling.

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Occupation Profiteers Ecostream Say Adieu to Brighton

After a two year campaign the Ecostream shop in Brighton throw in the towel marking the end of one of the strangest campaigns ever seen in Brighton.

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An update on Brighton Hospitality workers and their work around employability rights, unionisation and campaign success.

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Protesters defend North London ancient woodland from developers

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SchNEWS in Brief...

Now Sussex Plod are well known for being keen when it comes to booting down a squat door – (nearly as keen in fact as local MP Mike Weatherley, who drafted a whole law to get rid of the filthy blighters.)

Now it looks as if they should have been applying the brute force to their own tradesmen’s entrance all along. An 86-year-old man has been forced to resort to legal action against Sussex's Police Crime Commissioner after the force used 'adverse possession' – commonly known as 'squatters' rights' - to acquire the rights for his land.

The force occupied the land 30 years ago, using it as car parking for a manor house they used as a training centre in Haywards Heath. Mr Blyth, whose wife owns the land, realised and complained about the police squatters in 2011, but didn't take the matter further due to ill health.

The police then applied to the land registry for ownership - using the adverse possession argument that they had been using it without complaint for over twelve years. They're now trying to sell the property, including the parking, despite the ongoing legal dispute.

Stung by this even more blatant than usual official hypocrisy SchNEWS rang Weatherley’s office to seek answers: Does Mike support the use of squatters' rights by Sussex police force? After being kept on hold for several minutes, we were transferred to Weatherley's researcher who told us, “Adverse possession is not the same thing as squatters' rights”. Well clearly when you’re the filth it isn’t.

SchNEWS warns all readers - all good things come to an end.