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Antifa 972
Israeli Peace Movement under attack from violent fascists

“We suspect that the shift of the Israei public to the right and the birth of these fascist gangs is not spontaneous, but is a result of decades of incitement by the government. This incitement escalated quickly, and now Israeli Jews who criticize their government are attacked as well. This violence is also supported by the police. I can’t say right now what is going on and where we are headed to, but things aren’t pretty here.” David - Israeli activist

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Activists face crackdown under Serious Organised Crime and Police Act.

Being raided, arrested, dragged through the legal system and having my property taken from me (including my photo album because it had a "hunt sabs" sticker on it and my notebook for my uni degree in criminology) just for campaigning seems over the top and has been pretty stressful. But it's not going to stop me from fighting for what I believe in and against what I disagree with. This isn't for ego, nor for fame, it's for the exploited and the vulnerable.SOCPA 7 defendant - Emma

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Anti-fascists prepare a warm welcome for EDL splinter groups in Cricklewood, North London, this Saturday ...

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Industrial Revolution
Squatters Recycle a Recycling Plant in Calais

Mass squatting action in metal recycling plant pulled off in style, after brutal policing leaves hundreds of undocumented people without shelter.

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Israeli arms dealers do business at Farnborough Airshow even as the bombs drop on Gaza.


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Harmondsworth demo

Immigration rights activists descend on Harmondsworth and Colnbrook detention centres to bring a message of solidarity and resistance.

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Grapes of Rathlin
Frack Attack in East Yorkshire

Convoys of trucks carrying equipment descended on West Newton yesterday, as Rathlin Energy commence their exploratory fracking drilling.

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Occupation Profiteers Ecostream Say Adieu to Brighton

After a two year campaign the Ecostream shop in Brighton throw in the towel marking the end of one of the strangest campaigns ever seen in Brighton.

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An update on Brighton Hospitality workers and their work around employability rights, unionisation and campaign success.

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Protesters defend North London ancient woodland from developers

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The Peasants' Revolt
Community Farm under siege

AS campaigners in the Forest of Dean (and elsewhere) prepare to do battle with the Government's Infrastructure Bill to keep our land public, barricades have gone up to prevent a sudden land grab on a community-run farm.

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TTIP of the Iceberg

The US and the EU are negotiating a new trade agreement – TTIP – which amounts to the biggest transfer of power to corporations seen in recent years.

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Amsterdam squat evicted in gentrification battle.

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Fascists fail in Cricklewood

South East Alliance stopped in their tracks.

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Anti fracking campaigners have got their hands on a Sussex Police report that details an 'emerging' nationwide strategy on protests against the controversial drilling technique. The report has been exposed in a report about the policing of the protests at Balcombe, West Sussex, last summer.

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New Tory Bill threatens sell off of all public land

They've stolen our postal service, and are currently giving away the health service, education and prisons to their mates, what's next for this Government? Perhaps the most audacious theft yet - potentially all of our public land.

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Badger cull backfires

Bovine TB is on the increase in the areas where badgers were shot last year, but the disease is decreasing in the rest of the country.

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The Pillage People
BP is only sponsoring our history to help it get away with destroying our future.

Artivists take on BPs sponsorship of the British Museum's Viking exhibition.

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Calais Call out

Mass evictions of migrants in progress now

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Bad June Rising
Climate Games, Anarcho-festivals and the resurgence of UK Uncut - looks like June's going to be a busy one.

We started writing about three interesting but unrelated things happening in June. Here is an amalgamated version, which is worth a read.

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31st July 2014 to 4th August 2014
Peace News Summer Camp 2014
Peakhill Farm, Theberton, Suffolk IP16 4TG
Book your tickets here:

Peace News Summer Camp, now in its sixth year, helps build a radical movement for the future by creating an inclusive, participatory community today. A family-friendly and renewably-powered camp, were running from 31 July 4 August, in the beautiful grounds of Peakhill Farm in sunny Suffolk.

In 2014, were bringing peace and justice activists from across Europe to help us mark the centenary of the First World War and to declare peace on the 100th anniversary of the day that Britain declared war on Germany. We will also have workshops and discussions, practical skills sessions, delicious vegan food cooked by Veggies, films, fun and DIY entertainment, a bar, a campfire, and activities and facilities for children and families.

Our wonderful speakers will include Professor Paul Rogers of Bradford School of Peace Studies.

Address: Peakhill Farm, Theberton, Suffolk, IP16 4TG.
Postcode: IP16 4TG
Price: 20 - 100
Phone: 0207 278 3344
27th August 2014 to 31st August 2014
Earth First! Summer gathering
The Annual Direct Action camp is coming to the South West for 5 days of plotting - learning - networking - thinking - dancing - climbing and raging with work shops and skill shares on direct action for radical ecological struggles- Meet people and hatch a cunning plan against Fracking - New Roads - Nuclear - Open cast - New Airports - deforestation.

Address: To be announced 2 weeks befor on
Directions: a 3 mile bike ride from the staion or 20min walk from the bus.
Nearest Public Transport: Castle Cary
Time: 9.30 to 5 Thursday to Sunday
Price: 30 20 cons - or work it
6th September 2014
Manchester Campaign Day
Bringing campaigners in the North West together to challenge the arms trade on our doorstep.

More information nearer the time!

19th October 2014
Veggies Catering CAmpaign 30th Birthday Bash
Veggies Catering Campaign 30th Birthday bash!
Call out to poets,circus skills artists and musicians!

Address: 245 Gladstone Street,Forestfields Nottingham
Nearest Public Transport: Tram end of Gladstone Street
Postcode: NG7 6HX
Time: Noon
Price: FREE
Phone: 0845 458 95 95
SchNEWS in Brief...
Crap (Non) Arrest of the Week

….for standing up to cultural Marxism and sharia law.

Britain First lead singer Paul Golding isn’t afraid to throw himself into the front line – whether it’s hassling the caretaker at a mosque on a Wednesday lunch-time, asking for your money to save a dog he’s never even seen or even ..gasp….getting arrested.

 In the words of our favourite native son "In this game... in this line of business.. quite frankly, I am going to get arrested and face danger, I accept that, I accept that burden and I'm quite proud that I'm doing what I'm doing, standing up for our country, fighting militant Islam in this country."

So is Paul under lock and key in Belmarsh as the pinko Marxist British police bend the law to protect their radical Muslim friends?…err, no. In fact he didn’t even get nicked and there wasn’t even a warrant out for him.

Not that that stopped him from getting online and saying “This latest outrage at the hands of the police should inspire every true patriot to join the ranks of the Britain First movement immediately!”

If you want to support Paul’s campaign for sensible raingear then please send all donations to

Britain First c/o  S Claus, The North Pole, Glasgow, BF1 FU2

SchNEWS warns all readers we're down but not yet out..