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Anti copyright - information for action - published weekly in Brighton since 1994

SchNEWS - the free weekly direct action newsheet produced in Brighton, UK, since 1994 covering environmental and social issues, direct action protests and campaigns, both UK and abroad. For this week's issue, Party & Protest events listing, free SchMOVIES, archive and more click here

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SchNEWS Back Issues - all SchNEWS editions going back to the November 1994 pilot issue. PDF files are available from issue 100 onwards.

SchMOVIESFilms produced by SchNEWS going back since 2004, featuring a lot of the campaigns, protests and events you've read about in the newsletter. All films are free to download.

M For Media MalarkeyM For Media Marlarkey - all details including intro blurb, programme and participants of the SchNEWS Alternative Media Gathering 2007 - held May 11-13th 2007 at the Cowley Club, Brighton.

Worst Britons In January 2003 we had the idea of doing a 'Worst Britons' poll, to form the basis for a satirical article in our next book. Then, after we'd put the competition up on this website we found out that Channel 4 were doing the same thing - and even using the same name (the only difference was that their Britons had to still be alive). We thought that had blown our idea, and promptly forgot about the online poll we had set up, though meanwhile plenty of people voted online. Channel 4 broadcast their results and it was so piss weak (Jordan coming in at no. 2...) that we thought we'd kick ours off again. Here's the result.

SchNEWS Of The World - nearly all the extra articles especially written for the book - including colour pics - plus some of the satire, subverts and cartoons.

Storming The City - a four page satirical cartoon covering the events of J18 - June 18th 1999 in London, drawn by Pete Loveday using text from SchNEWS 217 (in PDF form - 1000kb).

SchNEWS At Ten National Tour 2004 - dates and details

SchNEWS 10th Birthday, October 2004 - details of book launch, massive joint 10th party with Innerfield sound system at the Coronet, Sth London, as well as the one-day conference held at the Camden Centre called 'How Direct Action Can Save The World' during the European Social Forum in London going on at the time.

Monopolise Resistance - in September 2001 - before 9-11 - SchNEWS published a pamphlet about Globalise Resistance - the Socialist Worker Party (SWP) 'front' group who were muscling in on the burgeoning global anti-capitalist movement. The text in full is reproduced, plus there's PDF copies to download, plus 'Vampire Alert' - another pamphlet about the same subject on PDF.

SchNEWS Gandalf 6 Trial - read about the trial from 1997-98 where six people - five people who wrote for the radical magazine Green Anarchist plus the press officer for the ALF (hence GAndALF 6) were arrested and charged with 'conspiracy to incite criminal damage' for reporting direct action.

The Word In The Trees - article from the Guardian 6th January 1997 by Alex Bellos about SchNEWS

And For Our Next Act - article written by SchNEWS writer Pete Styles published in Red Pepper September 1997 reappraising the achievements of direct action.

Bilderberg Papers Don't ask us how we got hold of these - "This booklet is an account of the 1999 Bilderberg Meeting and is distributed only to participants of this and past conferences and to prospective participants of future conferences. It represents a summary of the panellists' opening remarks for each session, and of the comments and interventions in the subsequent discussion."


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