SchNEWS - Weekly direct action newsletter and party and protest guide Independent weekly direct action newsletter produced by volunteers in Brighton, UK since 1994. en-gb SchNEWS - Weekly direct action newsletter and party and protest guide 88 31 SchNEWS - a drop of truth in an ocean of bullshit So long........ and thanks for all the Fash Will the March for England finally walk away from the City by the Sea? Industrial Revolution Calais: Mass squatting action in metal recycling plant pulled off with style, after brutal policing leaves hundreds of undocumented people without shelter. IRON FROM THE LION TO ZION Israeli arms dealers do business at Farnborough Airshow even as the bombs drop on Gaza. SEEING INFRA RED New Tory Bill threatens sell off of all public land It Rained on their Parade FIELD GUIDE TO THE FAR-RIGHT With the far-right about to descend on our fair town we thought it best to give you a spotters guide to the specimens on display. This town ain't big enough for the both of us... March for England return to Brighton and it ain't SchNEWS who's gonna leave. The Great Probation Sell-Off Probation services set to be taken over by private sector mega corporations, during 'revolution' in prison and probation services. SKOOL'S OUT Brighton students demo in favour of teachers' strike attracts police attention. BODGER & BADGER The badgers aren't out of the woods yet, as the decision whether to roll out culling hangs in the balance. DEMAND FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS IN SPAIN March in solidarity with Spanish women happening worldwide NATIONALIST CURRICULUM Gove's attack on left-wing Blackadder, just the spear-point of a jingoistic whitewash Badger Honour Badger killings in detail Still Fighting Osborne's Road to Nowhere Update from the Combe Haven road protesters trial TOWER HAMLETS - ROUND TWO Anti-fascists are gearing up for the return of the English Defence League to Tower Hamlets in East London on September 7th. FRACK'S AGAINST THE WALL? Day 23 of the Balcombe Blockade and Day 1 of the Reclaim the Power camp. WILDLIFE MASSACRE STOPPED? Despite a deafening silence from all official bodies, it seems likely the Gloucestershire part of the badger cull won't go ahead. CASTING DISPERSIONS ALL BRENT OUT The travellers community in South Brent, Devon has been ousted out THAT'S ANOTHER FINE MESS. Schnews gets the real dirt on the refuse situation as Brighton's Cityclean workers take to the streets once again, despite pressure from the Council. PIG-ADILLY CIRCUS hundreds anti-capitalistas confront an overwhelming police presence in London as part of a pre-emptive strike against the Group 8 summit LAUGHING GAS Twenty one climate activists escape jail at sentencing after shuttng down coal fired power station for seven days A-A-Anti-Farage UKIP's hove trip troubles You're 'Avin a Cenotaph!! BNP march outside parliament goes nowhere. The Balcombe's in Your Court Residents of Balcombe, West Sussex, warn the frackers they're ready for direct action to prevent the first exploratory well from being drilled just south of their village SETT FOR A SHOWDOWN Somerset's badgers are in the sniper's sights as activists vow to disrupt the cull. LEVEL PLAYING FIELD? It's Hove vs Gove as the education secretary aims to concrete over recreation ground in the name of God. Darfur: It ain't over. Sudanese refugees and supporters protest in London to highlight the 10 year anniversary of the conflict which ripped apart their regions. FULL DISCLOSURE? Combe haven update - the struggles continues... In London. Not a Happy Campus 1000 up-for-it protesters descend on Sussex University to protest against privatisation. Lock and Awe Campaigners lock on to EDO-MBM to commemorate 10 years since the Invasion of Iraq WHITE TRASH National Front demonstration in Swansea on the 9th March Wheels of Justice? 5 convicted out of182 arrests during last year's Critical Mass bike ride IT'S A DOGS LIFE Save the Harlan Beagles campaign demonstration in Brighton THERE'LL BE ELM TO PAY Brighton activists occupy tree to save it from felling OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD UK ISM activist expecting imminent deportation after arrest by Israeli military BOTTLE UP On International Taiji Action Day for Dolphins 2013 a demonstration was held outside the Japanese Embassy in Piccadilly, London Eco-Maniacs Smears and hyperbole from pro-Israel counter protesters at Brighton's Soda Stream store STRIKE A POSEIDON The whaling ship Nisshin Maru collided with four Sea Shepherd ships in the space of one hour whilst loitering in the Southern Ocean, in an all out desperate initiative to take the Whale Navy out of action. THE LAW IS A GAS Energy giant EDF seeks to bankrupt chimney climbers TRUNK CALL Combe Haven Defenders deliver tree to East Sussex County Council offices Hey you with the ZAD face? SchNEWS interview's one of the ZAD crew R.I.P. Akiva Orr Akiva Orr, longtime Israeli anti-zionist activist, has passed away aged 81 OCCUPY THE OCCUPATION!!!! an eyewitness account of a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement who witnessed one of the recent non-violent Palestinian 'occupations' of their own land WRI bite the bullet War Resisters International pay taxes under protest Calais Cops: Question Time Following evidence of cruelty against migrants submitted by solidarity activists, French police are under scrutiny from Defender of Rights. Brands are for cattle? Last October animal rights activists in Israel pulled a painful stunt. They publicly used a red- hot iron to brand each other with the numbers 269 NOT A COMBE OVER The year is 2013 A.D Bexhill is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely...One small village of indomitable tree-sitters still holds out against the invaders. "I'm not a fascist ..I'm a Nazi!"! Golden shower as British far-right turn in another piss-poor performance at the Greek Embassy Combe Haven Update: The real Decoy? Two camps down at Bexhill - but the best is yet to come!! Bexhill Camp Resists The main camp at Bexhill took to the trees and tunnels as bailiffs and police arrived on mass this Wednesday (16th). FOOL'S GOLD Golden Dawn, the Greek state and anti-fascism. Combe and have a go... Bexhill Bypass Update from a Combe Haven defender BEXHILL STREET BLUES The real battle of Bexhill begins as activists and contractors face off over tree felling near Adam's Farm. THROWING AWAY THE KEY One group of Spanish workers has come together to stick a spanner in the works of austerity misery. Or more specifically, in the locks. HINKLEY UPDATE: PROTESTERS FINED IN COURT Anti-nuclear protesters fined for obstructing the highway outside Hinkley Nuclear power plant. ABOVE THE LAW? Murky goings on as Sussex fox-hunt fronted by ex-policeman attacks monitors and flouts the law. NO BAIL OUT OF JAIL CARD FOR MORGAN THE ORCA Orca Morgan will remain captive after judges ruling Well Angry Restart of fracking after year and half delay set to amp up resistance Doha Hoo-Ha Activists gather outside UN talks at Doha, Qatar as negotiators pretend to debate climate change. ZAD TO SEE YOU GO Since October, Europe's longest, largest 'Postcapitalist land occupation', la ZAD (Zone A Defendre) has been under attack from French authorities who want to clear it and build an airport. Here's another update from 'le frontline'... BROCK HARD Badgers in the government's sniper sights again. STOP THE MARCH FOR ENGLAND Bonehead bunglers the 'March for England' make plans to return for Brighton rematch A WHALE OF A TIME Free Willy meets Kramer vs Kramer as environmentalists go to court to free Morgan the killer whale from captivity ALL RIOT ON THE WESTMINSTER FRONT? English Defence League in full retreat. Don't Stop Til You've ZAD Enough Land occupiers fight back as cops try to evict for airport development in France US Anarchist Crackdown Three US activists in jail as federal authrorities target anarchists What's your Hinkley Point? Activists gear up for weekend of action against EDF plans for new nuclear at Hinkley Point, Somerset. SONS OF ANTIFASCISM Anti-fascist vigilantes take to the roads on motorbikes around Athens as racist attacks increase. FIGHT FOR SITES Traveller Solidarity turning the tables on the government as mass action approaches. HEAVY WATERS Villagers and fishermen blockade new nuclear plant in India. House arrest (without a home) in Tel Aviv!! Four ISM international volunteers under house arrest in Israel after being arrested and beaten by the army. Brought to Facebook Azhar Ahmed convicted for criticising the occupation of Afghanistan on social media. BYPASS OPERATION Locals organise a camp against the renewed threat of a Hastings-Bexhill link road. DOING A RUNNYMEDE Protest camp celebrates injunction fail Bubble Trouble Activists picket newly opened, Israel-linked, SodaStream shop in Brighton. Rigged Trial Fracking activists' court victory Coming Apart at the Seams Fractivists oppose extreme energy in the West Country STICKY BUSINESS Smash EDO campaigners found guilty after glue-on No Justice No justice for ISM activist Rachel Corrie, killed by the Israeli Defence force in Gaza 2003 Building Resistance Squatters prepare to resist new anti-squatting law as it comes into force on September 1st. Meanwhile renters show they can be radical too... IT'LL BE ALAWITE ON THE NIGHT? As the optimism of the Arab Spring has turned into a nightmare in Syria, SchNEWS takes a belated look at the Syrian Uprising and some of the regional players whose involvement have made the conflict so bloody and so hard to understand. CUNNING STUNT Brighton Feminist Collective stage a flashmob in support of Pussy Riot GOLDEN SHOWER Immigrant's murder sparks arson in Greece as Golden Dawn Athens offices torched NUN-CLEAR REACTION Three anti-nuclear activists charged after major security breach at top US nuclear weapons plant GREEK HOSPITALITY CRISIS 6,400 migrants detained by police in the largest ethnic cleansing operation ever to hit Athens. HUNTS HOUNDED One hunt folds and another gets hammered in court ..and the season hasn't even started yet. ShowTrial Girls Pussy Riot's unfair trial just the tip of the iceberg in the former USSR Jungle Bust Update on resistance to the Amazon's Belo Monte mega-dam Mass-ive Twat At least there's been some good news for cyclists this week as Merc-driving berk Christikas Zantis is busted by Brighton Mags Freedom to Fail Freedom Press facing bankruptcy after being forced to settle copyright claim out of court Mass Arrest of the Week London's Olympic ceremony didn't stand a chance of competing against Beijing in scale or spectacle, but Team GB is sure as hell giving the Chinese a run for their money when it comes to state repression. Locked On & Loaded EDO blockaders finally get their day in court. BRAVE HEARTS BNP booted out of Scotland Wall Caper Police high tech tool of oppression turned against the arms dealers during Smash EDO's Weapons Inspection demo BRISTOL FASHION Dismal turn-out of around 300 to what had been billed by the League as a national demo... Culling In The Name Of... Bad news for badgers as High Court decision deems badger cull trial lawful BLOOD OR GLITTER Shamed Tory Nemeth's nemesis, aka the glitter throwing thug, in his own words Fired Hydrant Who'd have thought? Homophobia in the Hydrant bar, formerly the site of many a SchNEWS gig LEVELLER PLAYING FIELD Activists began a project of land reclamation in Runnymeade