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You know things are bad when you turn round in a demonstration and the revolting hooded up hoodlum next to you is a policeman. On Thursday (6th) thousands of Greek police, fire-fighters and coast guards took to the streets of central Athens to rally against another round of imminent wage cuts.

The uniformed protesters carried banners inscribed with “Mercy, stop the cuts” and “We can't take it anymore”. They weren't allowed to protest peacefully however, as another faction of police (who clearly hadn't got the memo) blocked their way. Fighting broke out between rioting police and the riot police, the best of the blue-on-blue action came as police were prevented from leaving a depot in Athens and travelling to Thessaloniki to prepare for the upcoming weekend's demonstrations.

The Nea Democratia (New Democracy) party which leads the three headed beast coalition government had, during its pre-election campaign, vowed not to reduce the payrolls of policemen, firefighters, coast guard officers, academics and judges. Oops.

17th September 2014
10th April 2014


27th March 2014
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31st October 2013

Failbook Fascists Plan to Seige Cable Street

Following the implosion of the EDL, there's a new, old far right group in town. The New British Union of Fascists are a hilarious mock-up of Mosleyite mannequins. In fact they love nothing better than dressing up in a blackshirt and a Sam Browne belt and pushing Britain forward into the brave new world of the 1940s .

In a tip of the hat to Oswald's finest hour the New British Union are planning a march on Cable St. No date or time has yet been arranged but you can rest assured that there will be no shortage of anti-fascists willing to don flat caps, tweed waistcoats and half bricks to give their re-enactment a truly authentic touch.

Unfortunately the white heat of 1930s technology proved no match for 21st Century cyber-hackers. The names, locations, emails and contact numbers of all their "leaders" have been distributed over the internet. Their Facebook page has also been mercilessly hacked down.

31st October 2013