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Come one, Come all (except the Romanians)

Those hilarious madcap god-bothering racists UKIP are planning a meeting in Portslade (just up the road from SchNEWS' TOWERS)  next Tuesday (18th). Unite against Fascism and other local anti-fascists  plan to make a ruckus outside.

Earlier this year Nigel Farage went to Hove and was opposed by a mass demo  There were also more peaceful attempts to disturb UKIP by reporting a cancellation of the Hove meeting. In-between the talks of denied Holocaust claims and being caught in the rain that “was caused by the gays”, UKIP will be talking about topics such as banning the immigrants. Or maybe they won't get a chance to talk. Who knows?


Schnews will be live on the scene!

See the footage here afterwards -

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Added By: M.J.Painton - 18th February 2014 @ 8:50 AM
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