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Cops in Hamburg have established city-wide stop and search after the Rote Flora demonstration on the 21st of December, see SchNEWS Red Flower Power.


Since Saturday (4th) cops have declared a Gefahrengebiet, literally “danger zone” in four large parts of Hamburg (see map) and stepped up their level of control. The affected areas have been cordoned off with barbed wire and had checkpoints set up. This is a reprisal for the demonstration against the eviction of the squatted social centre Rote Flora (Red Flower) where 8,000 protesters clashed with police. According to cops they intervened after the demonstrators for started the demo “too early”. Hamburg police are of course well known for being obsessively punctual.

Some residents of Hamburg have been putting up signs warning that the “cops are out of control”. What a Gefahrengebiet declaration means in effect is that the police can stop and search anyone in black clothing (so widows watch out) or realistically anyone who pricks their interest and ban them from the zone. There is no time limit on how long the restrictions can last. Also anyone arrested on the original demo is forbidden from entering the zones.


Social media websites have aptly captured the sentiments of the local people:

— Spudnik (@IrishBerliner) January 4, 2014

Jokes about #Gefahrengebiet “I go shopping now. When I’m not back in an hour, please call the poli… Wait, forget it…” TRT @bewitchedmind   — ★ Victory ★ (@V_Vict0ry_engl) January 4, 2014


This is the #DangerZone in #Hamburg, called #Gefahrengebiet in german. #ACAB, ALL CATS ARE BEAUTIFUL


Spudnik (@IrishBerliner) January 4, 2014

So now police whim is deciding whether “threat of criminal acts” is established. This is how the fucking Nazis started. #Gefahrengebiet


Feuerseeigel (@Feuerseeigel) January 4, 2014

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood – Who you gonna call?” #Gefahrengebiet


A satirical style web page “A Sunday trip to St. Pauli or in 5 steps for rioters” invites people to put on a black coat, wear a black hoodie, bring sunglasses, have a beer in their pocket and forget their id cards.


Keep watching DANGER ZONE- THE REAL LIFE GAME facebook page for more action and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH for more updates...




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