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On 1st February a few protests were organised against the law that intends to restrict the right of abortion in Spain. This law removes the right to abort a pregnancy during the first 14 weeks, keeping it only for specific situations, like serious danger to the health of the mother.

The protest, organised from Madrid, was strongly supported in other cities like Paris and London. In Brighton, the collectiveMarea Granate called a demonstration in Churchill Square. Even though there was bad weather, approximately 40 people participated in the protest, exhibiting placards and distributing information. All along the protest which lasted an hour a lot of people shared their indignation and showed interest in this attack on reproductive rights.

Marea Granate, an initiative created by Spanish immigrants, told Schnews: 'It is worth emphasising that although we organized the event very quickly, we had a lot of support from Spaniards and other local associations. We deeply express our gratitude to all of them. We will keep on announcing this attack on the right of women to decide about their own bodies. We encourage everybody to join us in this fight - men and women, inside and outside the Spanish State.

Main Story

Spanish activists will be taking a stand on reproductive rights in Brighton this weekend.  On Saturday (1st  Feb) Marea Granate (a group which organizes with the sole purpose of UK solidarity with other countries and the debunking of immigration stigma) will be doing a solidarity march with Spanish activists against a new abortion bill being brought before parliament  there. The proposed new law  will severely restrict women's rights to have an abortion. In fact the legislation will prevent abortion in all cases except rape or severe danger to the mother's life.

The protest starts at 2 pm at Churchill Square Here's a link to the event -

Events for this are taking place in four countries (England, Germany, France and Italy) go here for the London march

This is what they had to say:

“The 1st of February, trains depart from all over Spain (and one from France), carrying prochoice campaigners to Madrid, where they will hand Spanish MPs the text ‘Because it’s my choice’. The right of Spanish women to access safe and legal abortion is currently under threat with the proposal to reform the law in a highly restrictive fashion by Spain’s ruling party, the Partido Popular. “

We will be posting videos and pictures from the day on our new Tumblr! -

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Added By: Lesley Dove - 14th February 2014 @ 11:35 AM
I am so confused.. I would have hoped that Schnews would stand up for the rights of the unborn in the same way you (many of you) stand for animal rights, I do not understand why you stand for the right to kill the smallest weakest members of humanity therefore. Please can somebody explain this contradiction?
Added By: Adam - 14th February 2014 @ 5:56 PM
A blastocyst is NOT a person.

Abortion is not killing 'people' because a blastocyst/fetus is not conscious, self-aware or in any real sense a person at that stage of development, nor can it survive outside the womb.

Women should have control over their own bodies, they are not simply incubators, they themselves are people who have the right to decide if they wish to carry a baby to term or not.
Added By: Anonymous - 15th February 2014 @ 7:02 AM
How do you know when consciousness begins? By all means you are free to believe pro-abortion propaganda but maybe you need to see what abortion actually involves, NOT just a bunch of cells, as I aim to make you aware:

Once abortion is seen it becomes more unthinkable!
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