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So here is the end of season round up. SchNEWS correspondent Fox Chase went out with the sabs and found out the latest from the local Brighton team of hunt saboteurs.

“It’s over!!! Well for a few months anyway. All the local fox hunts packed up for the summer last weekend. Their Saturdays will now be spent eating scones on the lawn, drinking champers and chin wagging about what a pain in the botty those bloody antis have been all season. For the sabs our Saturday will now consist of slightly worse but guilt free hangovers, some overdue banner waving and maybe sabbing the odd mink hunt.

It’s been an interesting season - Brighton’s group has gone from strength to strength with plenty of new people and the same old beat up Landy. The Southdowns and Erridge seem to be clutching at straws after becoming increasingly pissed off with how effective we are at spoiling their fun. These straws of course come in the form of violence from the hunt and their chubby little warrior Charlie (old pink shirt, boulder boy, twat).

The Crawley and Horsham were sabbed successfully numerous times. One morning in February all it took to pack them up was the very sight of a few landy’s in a car park! Must be up to something dodgy me thinks hum? We paid The Surrey Union a few visits and hooked up with local sab group. They must be doing something right cos man were they angry. The Union get visited several times a week and have resorted to ramming vehicles and nutting sabs due to their inability to kill wildlife. I mean fuck it right, you gotta hurt something!?!

You may recall back in December Schnews reported that the Surrey cops nicked our Landy during a meet at the Old Surrey, West Kent and Burstow, claiming that the driver was not licensed to carry more than eight passengers. As suspected the copper was full of shit and after we mailed ‘the law’ to the law and they admitted wrongdoing and we got our money back. We see it week in and week out. The police are corrupt liars and will bend over backwards to please any hunt in the land.

Only during one hunt that Brighton Hunt Sabs have attended has there been a kill. Next season we aim to make that figure zero. We do make a difference and we will continue to do so until the slaughter of innocent wildlife stops. In the meantime though, anyone fancy an all weekend mash up on the downs?”

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Added By: Graham - 22nd July 2012 @ 8:09 PM
My first time on this site and I fully agree with all the sentiments. However, would it be better to moderate the language and tone in order to gain more support from the wider public.
It will do no good for hunt sabs to appear as rifraff. It will only give ammunition to toffs.
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