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On the Lewes



There's always been a rebellious edge to Lewes – the Sussex county town a mere seven miles from Brighton. The annual bonfire festival pulls in a crowd of thousands to burn effigies of our lords and masters and you can hardly sleep at night for the crackle of exploding meters as locals kick back against exorbitant parking charges.

Now added to the mix is the Pop-Up social centre promising 'tea,vegetables and anti-capitalism'. Opened this week by a group of squatters for Mayday it's situated at 211 High St Lewes inside the former offices of a solicitors firm. 

The centre has an organic, locally grown, donations based vegetable shop, a comfy tea room, a well stocked free shop, and a sunny garden.

Workshops are being held everyday on things such as Fracking and extreme energy, Combe Haven defenders, stop the G8, Hunt sabbing etc.

The community centre is on the high street in an old solicictors office, complete with oak panelled walls, a vault and basement with a coal bunker for anybody that breaks the safer spaces policy. There are also workshop rooms and a play area for kids and grown ups alike, complete with castles, an etch-a-sketch and jigsaw puzzles.

The project is being well received by the local Lewisians with everybody from grannies that were at greenham common to local people from the estate hanging out, drinking tea and playing cluedo together.

One of those hanging round the premises told SchNEWS  "The project is illustrating how much can be achieved by being resourceful within your community and supporting local people and produce rather than shopping at the faceless capitalist supermarkets where their carrots come from half way around the world rather than just down the road."

Unfortunately they have already been served court papers so with court on the 8th May its looking like the project won't last that long, go and visit while you still can. The shop is open from 11:30 till 6pm everyday at least until court on Wednesday 8th May.

On Sunday at 2pm there is a veggie barbeque in the back garden. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the sun.

If yer more of a cyber-warrior type then follow them on Twitter at #211Lewes.


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Added By: Anonymous - 4th May 2013 @ 10:47 AM
Veggie BBQ? How about reggae music too eh?
Added By: Jo Makepeace - 5th May 2013 @ 9:44 AM
Probably - if you like.
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