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Brighton’s irreplaceable rabble-rouser, Mark Rivers, was heartbreakingly killed by a fire in his flat in the early hours of Sunday, 6th November, just days before his 52nd birthday and a scheduled appearance in court for shouting, “child killing scum”, at workers inside the EDO factory.

Mark was involved in Smash EDO from its inception and was a vocal, near guaranteed presence at the campaign’s blockades, demos, publicity stalls - and held the undisputed record for attending weekly noise demos. He was to be found giving support to other activists during their court cases as often as he was a source of casual mischief at numerous squat parties.

Fostered at 6 months old, Mark was to get involved in agitating in the late 1970s and, during his work soon after as a hospital porter, was a shop steward involved in several workplace disputes which led to him being unofficially blacklisted. Later on he was better known as a familiar face at the Cowley Club and in the local gay scene. For those closest to him, he was a modest, deeply knowledgeable, amusingly provocative and genuinely caring character. He was spotted by many, during what was his last day, giving the police an earful - his super strength - at a protest against the criminalisation of squatting.

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