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A demonstration is being held this Friday (16th) in the village of Nabi Saleh near Ramallah, outside Jerusalem, in commemoration with Mustafa Tamini. Mustafa Tamini was a 28 year old Palestinian, resident of Nabi Saleh, that was hit in the face on Friday (9th) by a gas canister shot by the Israeli army. He died the next day in hospital. The fatality was a result of a weekly peaceful demonstration against the Israeli occupation held by Anarchists against the Wall (peaceful until the Israeli army get involved). The army shot directly at the Mustafa from mere metres away and hit him in the eye. Footage of the protest on the 9th can be viewed on

The memorial demonstration being held in his name is being attended by hundreds of local people, international activists and journalists. The army was soon to follow. Protesters sit on the floor as the army arrives. The army have started deploying mass amounts of tear gas at time of press. 

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