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Tarsand and Shame

Imports of oil from tar sands - the dirtiest, most expensive and most bat-shit crazy form of oil extraction around - looks like it may face a possible EU ban soon. That is unless unless Lewes MP Norman Baker can scupper it. For reasons best known to himself, Neo-LibDem Norman (the self-styled 'environmentalist') has been working as a shill for the Canadian oil industry, inserting clauses into the tar sands bill in an effort to delay and derail it.

Campaigners from Baker's 'hood in Lewes are opposing his idiotic scheming. With the help of nice-smelling and cosmetics selling good guys, Lush, he is being named and shamed as a pollution perpetrator. In Lewes Town this coming Saturday (26th) the UK Tar Sands Network, along with South Coast Climate Camp, the Lewes District Green Party and Friends of the Earth Lewes will be spreading the message on the mean streets of Lewes, alongside their very own oily tar sands monster. That message: tell him to stop caving to Canadian lobbying efforts and make a commitment to effective climate policy. Join them @10am outside the WHSmith on the main high street in Lewes. Invite people people along! Email for more information.

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